Cricket has been a passion from childhood, whether it is about playing it with the custom made bats in the paddy fields in kerala or watching the wonderful journey of India team becoming a superpower over the years. Being in an alien nation which is so obsessed with other sports like baseball, there was not much hope left on playing this wonderful game, but there was that continued passion to find some options to play which drove a group of friends to find an alternative to the paddy fields in Kerala and that found us a cricket ground near Tsurumi river and thus Tigers Cricket Club was born. There has been no turning back from that start and from that time Tigers became an integral part of life in Japan and the progression of the club from gully cricket in Tsurumi ground to where we are today, it is a humbling experience. I would like to thank all Tigers who were part of the journey together and for the amazing time and the great memories, it produced!! We had our ups and downs in the journey in terms of cricketing results, but the camaraderie, passion, and strength of the club have been only in one direction and that is what defines Tigers cricket club. I look forward to great times ahead with all Tigers and participate in the exciting journey ahead for the club! Once again, Thank you Tigers Cricket Club!
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