Talking too much for total 72 runs that your team scored
~Sabaorish Ravichandaran to opponent’s wicketkeeper during a JCL game, in reply to sledging.

How many runs do you score in a season, with you feet moving properly?

~Gijo san’s reply to opponents, sledging him about feet movement.

“I am still standing not out at 50”

~Rahul’s reply to opponent bowler, when sledged that we did beat your bat many a times today.

“He will bowl fast at me and Piyush did”

~After max CC batsman hit a 6 to Piyush, he then said to his partner out loud that he is going to bowl a quicker one to me. And Piyush did bowl a quicker one and the off stump was uprooted.

“Umpire, can we withdraw the LBW appeal”

~Players are seen fighting with umpires, but in a game against max, sabaorish as captain requested umpire if we could withdraw the appeal, as we could clearly see that umpire had given a wrong decision.

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