State Bank of India Cup a legacy continued



Month of June – It’s that time of the year when the biggest carnival takes place in Sano city. A tournament where the count of the participating teams has now reached to 30. Teams from different parts of Tokyo and outside Tokyo participate and not just the players but the families also get a chance to stay and enjoy the outing.

Days before the tournament, teams book their cottages in Sano city and enjoy time off. Days before teams order their jerseys to look good and uniform on the day. 

Cup usually takes place for two days, but this year rain affected the tournament, Tigers committee had to do something out of their skin. The two-day tournament was reduced to one day and all 54 matches were conducted. All the games got reduced to 6 overs and tigers had to pull up their socks to prepare one more ground just a night before.

Beautiful looking Sano international ground had the presence of SBI Chief, Sano City Mayor, JCA CEO, and other sponsors who have supported tigers for the tournament.

In the end, it was TCS which claimed the throne and took away the gorgeous looking trophy and prize money. Amway had a stunning tournament and remained unbeaten till finals. More game related details in other articles. 



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