TCC Core Committee

Club President

Running the show by himself, President is not shy of taking responsibilities and ensuring that the level of the club is achieving heights day by day.

Dasappan Nair Sakthi Kumar

DIV-3 Captain

Nick Named Anu by his teammates and lumberjack by other teams. No matter what the situation, his contagious laugh makes the situation pretty normal for him and his team mates.

Anuraj Singh

Div-2 Captain

Nicknamed Babbu, The miser captain, a miser for not giving away anything to opponents.

Bharat Chug

Finance Lead

Swiss bank of Tigers cricket club, where all the money and it’s related information is stored but never comes out for the general public.

Pransanth GV

Club Captain

A player, A performer, A Leader by all means. An Icon player for Tigers cricket club and is leading the way for tigers to glory by being club captain.

Sabaorish Ravichandaran

General Secretary

The man behind all the forces of the tiger’s cricket club. He knows how many leaves are there in the tree called Tigers Cricket Club.

Manoj Bhardwaj

Club Manager

“BackBone of Tigers” is what they call him, and true in every sense because he has been on for years and hard to function with him not being around.

Ragesh Nair

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