About TCC

Formed on the 11th Day of August 2007, Tigers Cricket Club (TCC), Japan aims at building a friendly social atmosphere whilst playing enjoyable yet competitive cricket and above all winning.
TCC offers an opportunity to enjoy cricket here in the Far East with likeminded individuals, which makes the art of playing cricket more enjoyable.

TCC currently has around "fifty-five active" members hailing from various parts of Tokyo and Kanagawa.
List of leagues that TCC is involved in.

  • Japan Cricket League Div-1 (40 overs)
  • Japan Cricket League Div-2 (40 overs)
  • Japan Cricket League Div-3 (40 overs)
  • Japan Cup South Kanto (20 Overs)
  • Junior Cricket

Tigers are also responsible for carrying out the biggest corporate tournament in Japan known as "SBI CUP", which has been going on for last 8 years and has been backed by Japan cricket association (JCA). The format is 8 overs and is that time of year where families get together and about 30 teams participate to make the event like a carnival. The event is carried out in Sano city in presence of Indian embassy Chief, SBI chief, JCA and Sano City officials.

Tigers have had many accolades so far as listed below.

Year 2013

  • South Kanto Japan Cup champions

Year 2014

  • South Kanto Japan Cup champions

Year 2015

  • Japan Cricket League Div-2 (Winners)

Year 2016

  • Promoted to JCL Div-1 along with Div-2 (defending champions)
  • Japan Cricket League Div-2 (Winners)
  • Japan Cricket League Div-1 (Runner- Up's)
  • Japan Cup (Runner Up's)

Year 2017

  • Semifinalist on Div-1 and Div-2

Year 2018

This is one memorable year for tigers, a feat that no club has been able to achieve so far or is even thinking of, has already been achieved by tiger’s cricket club.

  • Japan Cricket league Div-1 (Semi Finalist)
  • Japan Cricket league DIV-2 (Semi Finalist)
  • Japan Cricket League Div-3 (Runner Ups) In the opening edition of div-3.

"Tigers cricket club is the only club in Japan to do so". With this Tigers cricket club went on to top the league in DIV-1.

TCC is the only club to have been in semifinals or further of all editions of Japan Cricket league.

Individuals top performing and leading the events.

As a team tigers are having been performing consistently. Along with that individual members have been getting the accolades at higher level as well.

Some of the achievements by individuals without naming them 😊

  • JCA Dream Team 2016, captain of that team was from Tigers.
  • JCA Best Batsman of year 2015 & 2016 JCL Div-2.
  • JCA Best Batsman of year 2017 & 2018 JCL Div-1.
  • JCA Most valuable Player of year 2017 & 2018.
  • JCA cricketer of the year 2017 (Winner), 2018 (Runners Up).
  • TCC player became the first captain of India X1 in 2017. The Match that took place between India X1 and Japan X1.
  • TCC player became the first captain of South Asia X1 in 2017. Match between South Asia X1 and Japan X1.
  • TCC player became the first captain to represent India X1 in 20 over format. Match that took place between India X1 and Pakistan X1.
  • Tigers player holds the record for highest score as 150 N.O in T-20 format of JCA known as Japan cup. Scored in a game against British embassy in Japan cup 2016.
  • TCC members have actively been part of JCA committee and south kanto association.

Fun Filled events

Apart from cricket, TCC has ensured that there is enough time given to players and families to come together and develop strong bonds with each other. And that has always reflected on the field. For some fun filled events. Tigers do have time to time events for the same. And some of them are

  • Higashi Ojima Matsuri – An even where almost all the tigers with their families are present and help the club top the matsuri event.
  • SBI CUP stay and BBQ’s – During the two days of SBI cup, tiger’s family does stay together and have fun filled evening of bbq’s dance and other events in sano.
  • Hanami get together – That time in Japan where everything is pink, and tigers don’t miss out on this and have get togethers.
  • Other cultural/sports events – Tigers members are also seen to be performing at other cultural and sports events.
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